Communication is fundamental

Do you feel isolated from others? Many of my clients do. Often people feel isolated because they don’t know how to get their needs met and sometimes they are not even aware of what their emotions are trying to tell them. Strong communication skills are imperative in overcoming addiction and moving into the next phase of your life’s journey. I coach my clients on how to improve their communication skills so they can connect with themselves and others in more exhilarating ways. We begin by focusing on self-care. By learning to treat one’s self with kindness and empathy, my clients are better able to pass along compassion and understanding to others – you can’t give something away you don’t first possess.

What’s creativity got to do with it?

First, let me clarify that creativity is different than art. Creativity is about exploration. Creativity is about trying something out and seeing if it works. I find my clients often lack the ability to think creatively about how to solve problems. They are stuck in a mindset where they see very few other solutions to their needs other than chemical relief. I encourage my clients to play, to be curious and to be aware there are thousands of solutions out there. The more we allow ourselves to discover about our world through creation, the more we infuse creativity into our problem-solving strategies, the more we encourage play in young and old alike, the more prepared we will be for challenging situations whenever they find us. Creativity is the antidote to underdeveloped connecting strategies. Connection is the relief that most of us are seeking.

What is F.A.R.M?

F.A.R.M is an acronym for the Foundation for Addictive Recovery through Meaning, and it is at the core of my work with clients. It’s my curriculum, if you will. The F.A.R.M method is influenced by the works of Viktor Frankl, who wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning,” as well as Emily Esfahani Smith’s book, “Power of Meaning: Crafting a life that matters.” With improved communication, creative thinking, and a sense of connection to others and our world, my clients build a strong foundation for moving beyond addiction.