Walgreens Infringement – Life through pharmacology

Infringement is the act of disregarding the rights or agreement. The oath that the medical field has taken “to do no harm,” comes in view when one stands in alignment with in the practice of dispensing medications that may be harmful. In the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Jimmy Stewarts’ character as a boy has been given a substance that is poison and asked to deliver to a customer. The character sees that the old man, the pharmacist is incapacitated by his recent news of the death of his only son, and leaves the drug store in search of his father’s wisdom.

We do not have a check and balance system for big pharma and doctors who prescribe addictive medications. Pharmacies are our canary in our societal coalmine…

Patients who are prescribed any medication that has the potential to become habit forming, or addictive, should only be dispensed a specific amount of medication, referred to counseling if medication has increased in use.  Eventually they develop a “Physician Assisted Addiction.”

A national pharmaceutical database bring awareness and closure to doctor shopping / pill pharmacies.  And an educate program for the public on misuse of prescription medications is needed and what to do should a person become dependent on their medications.

It can be a wonderful life when we seek the wisdom of those who understand the potential of abuse.