Some in AA say willingness is the key to recovery. But where does willingness come from? For some, it comes out of desperation. For others, quite possibly from self-care. Yet what if the only option you might have is from desperation…what then? When it comes from this direction, most often it sounds like a demand… […]

Ask Percolating Questions

Our minds love questions. They are part of the irresistible mysteries of life. One embarking on the journey of reviewing their life when addiction rears its ugly head, might benefit from asking some percolating questions: * What is my addiction trying to say? * What would it be like if I believed in my self? […]

Why are we so afraid of addiction?

The old adage of “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is one view that has some of us believing that we might not be able to learn new things, that somehow we have stopped learning, and just have to live our lives out with the prior skills we’ve learned. Research shows that we […]