Ask Percolating Questions

Our minds love questions. They are part of the irresistible mysteries of life. One embarking on the journey of reviewing their life when addiction rears its ugly head, might benefit from asking some percolating questions:

* What is my addiction trying to say?
* What would it be like if I believed in my self?
* Who inspires me?
* What would motivate me to care for myself in life-serving ways?
* Am I asking questions in a way that will serve me?
* What if my health was top priority?
* What small ways can I start thinking and doing and giving me well-being today?

Asking these types of questions begins the creative muscles churning as creativity is a master problem solving skill. The answers to these questions might not lend you immediate answers yet give your subconscious a chance to deliver some insight.

These percolating questions dislodge repetitive-thinking into finding new ways to solve issues as well as disarm the inner critic. You might have heard the inner critic say “that will never work,” or “I can’t do this!”

Asking a question does not necessarily change things and rarely does asking a question immediately change your life. But asking questions opens your mind to a search for a new way and may lead to new possibilities.